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Certified Medical Support and Clinical Hypnotherapist



Tom Reed is graduate of the Hypnotherpy Academy of America,a Fellow with the International Board of Hypnotherapy, and the founder of the International Noetigenic Healing Cooperative.

Tom is currently working with people in the Sanf Francisco Bay Area. He also makes regular trips to work in Eureka/Arcata, California, and in Homer, Alaska.

Tom is available for both private and group sessions at retreat settings.

Recently he has worked at Red Mountain Health Resort in Utah, and Kalani Yoga Retreat Center in Hawaii.

If the time has come for you to change--to transcend your limitations and be all that you can be, contact me so we can begin discussing how you can become the person you are yearning to be.


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"Working with Tom Reed was incredibly positive and deeply transformative. In just a few sessions, Tom was able to guide me through very limiting and long-held subconscious beliefs about self-esteem, money, work, and physical health. I was surprised at the ease of hypnosis and the profound effects it had.
Tom's compassionate and insightful approach enabled me to change in long-lasting ways that have altered my life for the better. Not only is my life now fuller and more satisfying, but my relationships, my financial prosperity and my health have all improved!"
-Lauryn Axelrod, Ashland, OR




If you know about hypnotherapy, then you know that the human mind has an amazing ability to create, whether that be health, wealth, relationship, or achievements in sports, art, or academia, or in any avenue of creativity, and that a good hypnotherapist can guide you towards creating the life you want. But if you don’t know about Hypnotherapy, here’s the basic idea:
Each of us is unique, and almost all of us are capable of much more than we allow ourselves to experience. Our self-imposed limitations often originate in beliefs about ourselves and about the world in which we live. Those beliefs usually began when we were young, when an event happened that caused us to interpret what it meant about us or our environment.
The subconscious mind will serve you, and if you believe something about yourself or the world, it will serve by making sure that belief is made into your reality. It will create mental filters so that you will take notice of events that reinforce those beliefs, and not notice the others, or shrug them off as meaningless. Your subconscious mind will not allow you to act out of accordance with your beliefs. So, you become locked into a limited reality that is extremely difficult to break out of alone. But with the help of a good hypnotherapist, it’s actually very easy to change one’s limiting beliefs.
While the media has portrayed hypnosis as zombification in order to have yet another way of evoking fear, know that hypnosis is simply a natural, altered state of lowered brain wave frequency that we all experience every day. In general, this state comes with deep relaxation. Some people enter this state during meditation or prayer, others while daydreaming, but all of us experience the lowering of our brainwaves every night as we prepare to sleep. In this state, the critical factor of the mind--that part of us that analyzes and reasons according to the dictates of the subconscious beliefs--is relaxed. This allows direct communication with the subconscious mind, which will reveal what it is trying to do and why, and which will accept new ideas and create new beliefs. Then, once again, it will serve you by making those new beliefs into your reality.
Sometimes it’s actually this simple. Often times it’s a bit more complicated. But as long as the client wants to change, heal, or achieve, and actively participate in that transforming process, success is guaranteed.
Tom Reed, CHt


"As a smoker for 34 years, I tried to quit many times without any success. I attempted all of the Medical approaches as well as acupuncture. After working with Tom I was able to quit completely and effortlessly. In addition, we addressed the many reasons I started smoking in the first place. I am very grateful to Tom. He made it easy to address many difficult issues. I confidently recommend Tom to someone who has no experience with hypnosis. I felt comfortable, supported and cared for in our work together."

--David Nelson, Santa Fe, NM


Medical Support Hypnotherapy

Medical Support Hypnotherapy is often a valuable adjunct to your doctor’s care, and can serve your healing and recovery in several ways. For example:

"Studies have also shown hypnosis reduces health care costs — patients who use it stay in the hospital for shorter periods and use less medication.
So why don't more people and hospitals use hypnosis? Part of the reason may be its stigma — patients and doctors may think of it more as "hocus pocus" than science. Another reason may be problems with the quality of hypnosis studies, leading doctors to be wary that it wastes time and money.All of these are misperceptions, its advocates say.
"Hypnosis is sort of the good kid with the bad reputation," said Julie Schnur a clinical psychologist and assistant professor at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York. "It’s a fantastic procedure and can be very effective and very helpful to patients, but does come with this baggage," Schnur said.
In 2007, Schnur and colleagues conducted a study of 200 breast cancer patientswho needed surgery. About half underwent a 15-minute hypnosis session before their surgery; the other half talked with a psychologist about their thoughts and feelings pre-surgery.
Patients who underwent hypnosis required less sedative during the surgery, and because they were more relaxed, their surgeries lasted10 fewer minutes on average. They experienced less pain, nausea, fatigue and emotional upset following the surgery, Schnur said. The researchers calculated the hospital could save about $770 per cancer patient by employing hypnosis before surgery." -- Rachael Rettner,

"I've just passed my one month mark from a successful hernia surgery. I don't think it would have been so amazingly easy without Tom's help. He tailored a personal treatment plan, beginning with thirty minutes of relaxing, trance-inducing musical/electronic sounds, then proceeding with his confident voice to suggest that my surgeon (Dr. Shue - he used his name) was the right man for the job, that my attitude was excellent,and my health superb. I appreciate Tom's care preparing me in advance at home, while waiting in the hospital, during the surgery, and while in recovery. My surgery was a great success. Tom's work on my behalf can be summed up with this: as I was being wheeled into the surgery, the attending physician noticed on my chart that I have post traumatic stress disorder, said to me that was his speciality; I shouldn't worry. I responded with no hesitation, 'there will not be any trauma in this surgery.'"

– James Maxwell, Fort Bragg, CA


Sports Hypnotherapy

“ this increasingly sophisticated world, adult athletes and the parents of child athletes understand--often better
than coaches do--that (hypnosis) can be an important or even essential part of success in sports."
--Edgette nd Rowan, authors of Winning the Mind Game

Many of the greatest athletes in history used hypnotherapy to help them achieve and maintain the mental conditions needed to achieve their goal. One of the most famous examples is Tiger Woods, who began hypnotic mental training at the age of 13. NBA coach Phil Jackson used hypnosis for all his championship basketball teams with the Bulls and Lakers.

As a former World Champion Oarsman and a Martial Arts Teacher, I have the experience to allow the level of rapport that athletes can only have with other athletes.
I work to help the unique athlete to overcome a variety of psychological hindrances and problems, and to acquire certain psychological, cognitive, behavioral, and affective qualities, so that their physical performance is enhanced.

Athletes often face a variety of psychological challenges. Here are a few of the more common ones:
-Poor training attitude                  -Bad habits
-Sport-related trauma                   -Poor mental state
-Limiting beliefs

These situations are so challenging because the subconscious mind maintains them in accordance with old mental programs. In Sports Hypnotherapy we find those old programs and change them, bringing them up to date, so they operate in service to the athlete’s goal.
We develop mental skills and strategies for the individual to use to achieve and stay at peak performance. The athlete is also trained to be able to drop into a mental state known as “the zone” or “flow.” This ability allows the well-trained athlete to let his/her skills and talent be performed without thinking too much.

"To uncover your true potential, you must first find your own limits and then you have to have the courage to blow past them."
-- Picabo Street (former champion alpine ski racer)


Behavioral Change

In 1970, A Survey of Psychotherapy Literature by Alfred A. Barrios, PhD. Revealed the Following Recovery Rates:

Psychoanalysis: 38% recovery after 600 sessions.

Behavior Therapy: 72% recovery after 22 sessions.

Hypnotherapy: 93% recovery after 6 sessions.



Personal and Spritual Growth

There is a lot of talk in "New Age" circles these days about Earth entering a time of spritual awakening. Much of this talk is nothing more than fantasy, but the truth is that more and more people are waking up from the illusion of the small self living in a reality that is the product of deep mental conditioning. Before this awakening, there is usually an awareness that something is not right; there is a sense of some limitation, or the urge to let go of old mental habits, or a suspicion that it is time to move on in some way, often with a knowing that one must serve humanity and the planet, and make one's unique contribution.

When a person is in this phase, working with the subconscious can be as valuable as working with a spirital master,
if the work is done with a hypnotherapist that is spiritually aware.

"I had the most remarkable session with clinical hypnotherapist, Tom Reed.
Guiding me to my true center, like a master teaching zen in the art of archery, he hit the bull's eye.
It exceeded my expectations and I am buzzing with gratitude."

--Alena Guest, Mendocino, CA


Tom Reed  CMS,Cht
Graduate of the Hypnotherapy Academy of America, has been exploring mind/body integration for 23 years.
He is a martial artist, practitioner of Tea Ceremony, a bodyworker, wilderness adventurer, photographer and author.

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